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It is in a friendly and sympathetic setting that we invite you

to come and taste seasonal cuisine and a variety of daily specials!

In addition to the menu, the chef also offers around twenty homemade pizzas to eat in or take away,

as well as a card for children.


NB menus may vary and / or change

depending on product arrivals.

Allergies: Dear customers On request, our staff will be happy to provide you with information on dishes that could trigger allergies or intolerances.

Your restaurateur


Everything for your Business Meals,

Parties and Family Parties, Events, Celebrations and on request.

For Kids

Chicken nuggets, French fries 9.50.-

​​ Pizza Marguerite 10.00.-

Cooked ham, French fries and Ketchup  5.50.-


Pisces  and  sea food

Fresh Perch fillets from Raron (Valais)

Breeding in the pure waters of the Lötschberg

Mixed salad, French fries

tartar sauce

Chf 45.- ​ Depending on arrivals



The Valaisan corner

Valais plate   Chf 26.00.-

Plate of dried meat   Chf  28.00.-


Bagnes cheese crust   Chf 22.00.-


Bagnes cheese crust  

with ham and egg   Chf 24.00.-


From 2 people

Three cheese fondue   Chf 23.-




Green salad with roasted seeds

small   Chf 6.50.- / large   Chf 12.-

Salmon gravlax (house), drizzle of oil

toast, salad

small   Chf 14.- / large   Chf 27.-

Pumpkin cream with red curry

small croutons

Chf 9.50.-

Snails à la Lie and wild mushrooms

au gratin with Bagnes cheese

Chf 18.-


Hot meals

Beef tenderloin medallions.

pink berry butter

portion 200 gr.  Chf 48.-

half portion   Chf 28.-

Valais-style chicken breast

au gratin with Bagnes cheese

seasonal vegetables, French fries

Chf 25.-

Hérens beef burger   160 gr

Race of Hérens, Orsières

Salad, French fries

Chf 26.-

Salmon lasagna (house)     160 gr

Mixed salad

Chf 17.-

Fresh Perch fillets from Raron (Valais)

Breeding in the pure waters of the Lötschberg

Mixed salad, French fries

tartar sauce

Chf 45.-

Pizzas at: Chf.  14.00.- / Chf 15 .-


Daisy  : tomato, mozzarella, oregano   Chf 14.-

Queen  : tomato, mozzarella, button mushrooms

Prosciutto  : tomato, mozzarella, cooked ham

Salami  : tomato, mozzarella, salami, olives

Bacon  : tomato, mozzarella, slice of bacon, onions, oregano



Pizzas at Chf.  19.00.-


Napoli  : tomato, mozzarella, anchovies, capers

Spicy  : tomato, mozzarella, chorizo, merguez

Vegetarian: tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms,

artichoke, peppers

Goat  : tomato, mozzarella, onions, ham, goat cheese

Hawaii  : tomato, mozzarella, chicken, pineapple

Cannibal : tomato, mozzarella, minced meat,

merguez, BBQ sauce

Carbonara  : mozzarella, cream, bacon, onions, egg

  Farmer : tomato, mozzarella, bacon, onions, olives

egg, oregano

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