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A Gourmet at Your Table ...


Out of the ordinary ...

Take the Time to Live ...

... This is the motto of the Restaurant   "Sur - Le - Scex" ... Le Virage

This restaurant was built at the same time

as the Route de la Forclaz and was inaugurated on May 17, 1955.

It is part of the heritage of the Gallay family.
           Since 1982, Marie - France and her collaborators           

welcome you with joy and good humor.

We speak French, Italian, German and English
Euros accepted. Wireless .
  for Person with reduced mobility.

Change for  Children and point of view



Homemade criteria
The dishes, dishes, side dishes and sauces prepared, elaborated, cooked entirely in the kitchens of the restaurant. Obtained from raw raw materials of agricultural or fish-farming origin. These raw materials can be fresh, dry or frozen.

They must not have been seasoned, but may have been trimmed (washing and cutting) outside the establishment. They have been obtained using only traditional cooking ingredients (e.g. flour, oil, butter, sugar, spices, dairy products, sausages, smoked fish, preserves in vinegar or oil, mustard, cooking stock, broths and binders in particular. ).

We thank you for your confidence

and wish you a very good appetite.

Our contact details

Restaurant  "On the Scex" -  "Turn"

Route de la Forclaz 2

1928 Ravoire / Martigny

Phone: +41 (0) 27 722 11 53  

E-mail  :

 Marie-France  Gallay   :  Owner

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